Discussion on media literacy within the framework of the Moscow Global Forum “City for Education”

UNESCO IITE and the popular online media “MEL” organize a series of educational events within the framework of the Moscow Global Forum “City for Education”. One of such events is the discussion for parents, children and teachers “Media literacy in the digital age – why is it important?” which will be held on 31 August 2019 from 14:00 to 15:00 at VDNH, Pavilion No. 75, Yeseninsky Hall.

Media and information literacy gives us the opportunity to competently and effectively exchange information with the world around. It is considered as one of the main components of the “21st century literacy” and refers to the so-called “soft skills”, the importance of which has been increased recently. However, we are not taught this either at school or the university.

What is critical thinking and where does it come from? What happens when we use social networks or click on a “search” button in the browser? What is the real cost of free access to information on the Internet, maps and navigators, messengers and other digital services? During the event, participants will be offered to discuss with experts in media and education the complex consequences of a simple click; what a filter bubble, an echo chamber, fake news and post-truth are; why it is important to know how the pleasure economy works; why YouTube recommendations are called dangerous radicalization tools; and what artificial intelligence has to do with this. Participants of the discussion will share their thoughts on how not to become a slave to gadgets, what a digital footprint and a digital image are, if it is worth watching the news and how to follow information hygiene.

Among the invited experts are:

  • Ms. Irina Zhilavskaya, Head of UNESCO Chair of Media and Information Literacy and Media Education of Citizens at Moscow State Pedagogical University;
  • Mr. Damir Zaynullin, Director of Business Development, Co-founder of Z-Robotics;
  • Ms. Elena Puchkova, Head of the Department of Labor Psychology and Psychological Consulting at Moscow State Pedagogical University;
  • Ms. Irina Yeger, Teacher of Russian language and literature at Gymnasium 21 – Noginsk Cadet Corps named after B. Gromov, mother of 4 children;
  • Ms. Lyudmila Koroleva, Head of press center at School No. 1534, Member of the Union of Russian Writers

Moderator: Ms. Tatiana Murovana, Programme Specialist at UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education

The programme of the events is available at the official website of the Forum.