Brainstorming Meeting on "Foresight in ICT in Postsecondary Education"

On October 13, 2014 a brainstorming meeting was organized by the Digital Pedagogy and Learning Materials Section of UNESCO IITE to discuss the concept, objectives, approach and methodology of the UNESCO IITE project “Foresight in ICT in Postsecondary Education”. According to the project concept note, the project is aimed to analyze ICT-related innovations and capture the trends of ICT use in postsecondary education with the purpose of extrapolation of current and emerging trends and challenges into the future, development of a descriptive vision of the future, identification of the strategies, which ensure that future learning at universities will adequately employ the potential of ICT to ensure wider access to high quality postsecondary education. The project will engage a broad range of stakeholders in structured evidence-based dialogue about long-term implications of ICT-related innovations in the postsecondary education. The project will be focused on higher education and on life-long learning to the extent possible, taking into account the need for coupling participatory pedagogy with cost-effective technology in e-learning strategies. In the course of the meeting the experts agreed on the methodology and approach to research and foresight, project timetable, the list of problems and issues to review, the set of project outputs and events of the project. Next project meeting with a wider range of participants will be held in March 2015.