2021 All-Russian schools’ competition on SDGs

Mission of the joint project

On 27 August 2019, UNESCO IITE signed a Project Agreement with UK-based company Nisai Group in order to implement the Initiative on “Transforming teaching and learning at schools for achieving SDG 4: turning theory into practice with ICT” in the Russian Federation. One of the main objectives of the project is to unleash potential of EdTech solutions for accelerating achievement of SDGs. The Initiative also aims to encourage ICT-driven and skill-based learning in schools in order to enrich students’ experience on innovative ways to address global issues.

The rounds of competition

Within the execution of project activities, in June 2020 UNESCO IITE and Nisai Group selected 10 best Russian schools for the online competition on SDGs. The preparation stage and submission of videos by students on the selected SDGs were completed by the 17th October 2020. In addition, teachers had an opportunity to attend a training programme on support for learners participating in the project.

In February 2021, UNESCO IITE announced the new round of the online competition and received applications from interested schools. It’s worth to note that this time more educational institutions from remote and rural areas were willing to participate in the project. On April 1, 2021 totally 9 selected schools from different regions of Russia, including UNESCO Associated Schools, participated in the webinar on the concept, main activities and impact of the IITE – Nisai Group project. A special online session with over 40 students on the importance of the SDGs thereafter took place on April 8, 2021 and marked the beginning of the SDG contest.

The competition implied that candidates should have made a short video (up to 2 minutes) to give a presentation in English about a global issue, in line with the SDGs. They should have explained why education is important to tackling this issue and different ways in which we can develop this idea for the future. As a result, 50 students completed their research and presented videos on various topics, such as сlimate change, mental health, gender inequality, poverty, hunger, overconsumption, addiction, bullying, racism, war conflicts, violation of human rights and others.

Future endeavors

The best 15 students were selected thereafter for taking part in the SDG course, which they will join at Nisai Virtual Academy platform after the summer break. The 10-week course encompasses and focuses on different SDGs and includes case studies, statistics, video and presentations on various global problems. In this regard, students are able to develop critical and analytical thinking skills, and ponder about the everyday changes they can make in order to lead sustainable way of living. As a final assignment young people will express their own opinions on what the future should look in a form of the project designing the sustainable city of the future.