ICTs in Global Learning/Teaching/Training

Despite their clear potential, the expectation that ICTs will advance learning, teaching and training is often frustrated. Computers are powerful tools for the manipulation of symbols (words, numbers, images), which is a core educational activity. Combined with communications technology they have created the Internet: an extraordinary global learning environment. Yet, despite these assets, the dream of transforming teaching and learning with ICTs remains unfulfilled. Computers in schools have usually been an expensive disappointment, while most higher education institutions seem reluctant to embrace online learning as eagerly as their students.

The Policy Brief outlines the systematic approach that must be taken for ICTs to fulfill their promise. Schools must focus on training teachers; creating curriculum materials; making organizational arrangements; and creating networks. Higher education must rethink its role for a world where open educational resources make high quality content abundant and students want to combine work and study seamlessly.

Год публикации: 2013

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