Keynote Raja Roy Singh Lecture by Mr. Vladimir Kinelev at the 6th Annual UNESCO-ACEID International Conference.

This is the Keynote Raja Roy Singh Lecture of Mr.Vladimir Kinelev on the Sixth UNESCO-ACEID International Conference ‘Information Technologies in Educational Innovation for Development: Interfacing Global and Indigenous Knowledge’. 

In his speech, mr.Vladimir Kinelev talked about man and civilization development, the new education for new society. Also, he compared the meaning of “to educate” and “to teach”, synthesized the principles of integral fundamental education.

Meanwhile, he explained that education needs information and communication technologies, because information technologies enables their successful application in education and allows tapping into the creative potential of the student. The interface of National Policy and Global Tendencies in the Use of Information and Communication Technologies in Education was also highlighted.

Finally, mr.Vladimir Kinelev emphasized the importance of learning without frontiers and look beyond the blueprint of education for the 21st century.

Publication year: 2000

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