IITE Newsletter No 2’2000

The UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education develops its programme activities in three correlated areas: applied research, training and dissemination, and some results of these activities in this field were presented in the 1st issue of the IITE Newsletter.

In this year, a number of projects launched earlier will be continued at the new level, among them:

  • “ICTs in Education: State-of-the-art, Needs and Perspectives”,
  • “Education via the Internet” (in co-operation with the UNESCO Sector CII),
  • “ICTs in Education for People with Special Needs”,
  • “Distance Education: Structure, Methodology, Staff Development, Legal Aspects”,
  • “Ethical, Psychological, Medical and Legal Problems of the Application of Information and Communication Technologies in Education”,
  • “Establishment of the IITE Network of Focal Points”,
  • Preparation of the IITE modular educational programme,
  • “Informatics in Primary Education. Recommendations” (in partnership with IFIP),
  • “Elementary ICT Curriculum for Teacher Training” (in partnership with IFIP).

In this Newsletter (No 2’2000 April-June), you can get some information on projects from those listed above.

The Newsletter may allow readers to learn more about the IITE programme activities, e.g. Analytical surveys, final reports and collected materials of the expert meetings and workshops.

Publication year: 2000

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