The Use of ICTs in Technical and Vocational Education and Training

The analytical survey was prepared within the framework of the project Information and Communication Technologies in Technical and Vocational Education and Training launched by the UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education in 2002.

The survey provides a comprehensive review of ICT usage in TVET. It focuses on the use of ICTs for administrative purposes, communication, teaching and learning, curriculum development and assessment, career education and guidance, labour market information, job placement, and systems control, displaying specific features of various types of ICTs commonly applied in different spheres of vocational education. A brief survey of the most significant experience of a number of UNESCO Member States as well as several most interesting case studies are provided to give a global perspective of ICT penetration in TVET.

The materials presented in the survey will be of interest to a wide range of specialists from high- level policy- and decision-makers to teachers, researchers, programme product developers and evaluators, and in general, to all educators involved in this subject.

Год публикации: 2003

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