Интернет в образовании. Специализированный учебный курс

Not long ago, some ten years or even less, we did not know much about the modern Internet, we could not imagine its facilities and our life with it. Now we have got a lot of different kinds of literature about Internet telecommunication technologies: manuals on the usage of these technologies for various purposes, instructions for teachers, showing how to use it in the teaching and learning process, popular scientific literature, a lot of advertisements calling upon the users to locate their information in the net, etc. We offer you one more book on the Internet in education. Our purpose is to show the educators the situation with the Internet in modern education, its role to enhance the effectiveness of different forms of education, to increase the chances of those who would like to learn but can not attend schools, universities in his/her region, etc. This set of materials consists of three parts.

In Part I we are analyzing the situation with the Internet in education in different countries of the world to give you a chance to get acquainted with the positive aspects that the Internet provides for the sphere of education and the problems which arise. We consider it particularly important to have an objective look at Internet opportunities for education. That is why in the Introduction we draw your attention to the problems, which we consider especially significant for the education systems’ decision-makers and for those who organize the teaching and learning process. The analytical materials of the first part cover the situation in the USA, European countries, some countries of Africa and Asia. It is a survey of almost 90 sources made by authors from different countries.

Part II can be considered as the materials for discussion. We think it very useful in order to be able to ponder on the problem, to argue about different views, to formulate one’s own position. This Part includes four Units, which reflect the philosophical and pedagogical views of their authors on the role of the Internet in education and are organized especially for discussion. The reader can pay special attention to those points and formulate his/her own view, which can either coincide with or differ from that of the authors. As well, each Unit is concluded with some topics for discussion. So you can share your opinion on the problems, described in this or that Unit, with your colleagues.

Part III is quite autonomous. It is a textbook for Internet users, which offers some materials describing the Internet technologies. It can be very helpful for those who haven not yet mastered these technologies but are ready and eager to do so.

In the Appendix to the set of materials you will find the list of references to Internet resources in education.

Thus this set of materials is addressed to the educators who should be aware of the situation with the problem of Internet usage in education; to the teachers and tutors who conduct the teaching and learning process, widely using the Internet resources and the facilities either in the conventional education or in the distance form. We do hope that this set of materials will not be simply looked through but will help you to think thoroughly over the problems discussed here.

The set of materials is addressed to the educators who should be aware of the situation with Internet usage in education; to the teachers and tutors who realize the teaching and learning process widely using the Internet resources and facilities either in traditional or distance forms.

Год публикации: 2003

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