Information materials prepared for the Digital Libraries in Education international expert meeting and workshop.

Purposeful and intensive research and development programme on Digital Libraries for education are
undertaken around the world aiming at the far reaching goal: «Any individual can participate in on-
line education programs regardless of geographic location, age, physical limitation, or personal
schedule. Everyone can access repositories of educational materials, easily recalling past lessons,
updating skills, or selecting from among different teaching methods in order to discover the most
effective style for that individual. Educational programs can be customized to each individual’s
needs, so that the information revolution reaches everyone and no one gets left behind». Long
range objectives for DLE as a national treasure include also life-long learning and learning
anytime anywhere.

The results of these developments eventually will have a significant impact on the humanity
comparable to those of the Web. The digital libraries for education are being developed as an
environment bringing together collections, services, and people to support the full cycle of
creation, dissemination, use and preservation of data, information, and knowledge so that
communities of research and education become more efficient and productive and the benefits of
collaboration are maximised.

Год публикации: 2001

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