Using video materials for health classes to promote healthy lifestyle, responsible behavior, and HIV prevention (Republic of Belarus)

The publication provides recommendations for teachers on the use of specialized video materials when conducting health classes with students in grades 7-11 of secondary schools. In an accessible and entertaining way, the videos created with the support of UNESCO IITE cover the following topics: “Peculiarities of adolescence,” “Concepts of sex, gender, and gender equality,” “Prevention of substance use,” “Decision-making and resistance to pressure,” “Love and sexual relations,” “Reproductive health and contraception,” “HIV infection,” “Interpersonal relations and conflict resolution,” “Cyberbullying.” The guidelines for using the videos are based on the peer learning sessions described in the publication “Volunteer Modules for Peer Education.”

The videos are recommended for school use by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus and the Council of Ministers of Belarus. The materials can assist in awareness-raising events on HIV prevention and healthy lifestyles for adolescents and young people.

Publication year: 2019

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