Reproductive health and responsible behavior of young people. A guide for youth training.

This guide provides materials for interactive training sessions on healthy lifestyles, sexual and reproductive health, and safe behaviors for adolescents and young people aged 14-16+.

Educators can use the exercises provided in the guide for teaching various academic subjects (biology, social studies, the basics of health, etc.) or in extracurricular activities, class hours, and other forms of student work in general education schools, institutions of secondary vocational education, at training sessions in youth centers, youth-friendly clinics, and other organizations working with young people.

All exercises have age suggestions from 14 to 16+ years. When planning classes, it is important to check with national legislation so as not to violate age restrictions on providing certain information to minors, if there are any in place. It is recommended to inform students’ parents (legal representatives) about the goals and contents of the classes and obtain parental consent. Also, the guide contains comprehensive briefs on each topic to allow the trainers to refresh and deepen their knowledge.

The manual is addressed to teachers and other educators, psychologists, as well as public organizations and NGOs in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, and it is purely advisory in nature.

The trainer guide “Reproductive Health and Responsible Behavior of Youth” is available in Russian.

Publication year: 2021