International Technical Guidance on Sexuality Education

sexuality education

The International Technical Guidelines for Sexuality Education is a specialized toolkit that presents scientific evidence and rationale for providing youth with comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) to achieve the global sustainable development goals. The guidance reviews the characteristics of effective comprehensive sexuality education programs, provides guidance on topics and learning objectives that should be included in CSE programs for all categories of learners, and discusses approaches to planning, teaching and monitoring CSE programs.

The publication aims to assist course developers and educational program managers in designing and adapting CSE programs appropriate to their context and in developing effective arrangements for teaching and monitoring such programs. In addition, the manual can be used for advocacy for the health and well-being of young people. This guidance has been developed through consultations to ensure its high quality, social and cultural acceptability and active stakeholder involvement in its implementation. The document was compiled with input from practitioners and experts, including youth representatives, from around the world.

The publication is advisory in nature. It is based on facts, scientific evidence and international best practice while taking into account the diversity of national contexts in which sexuality education is provided.

Publication year: 2018

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