IITE welcomes the launch of an online resource for adolescents in the Republic of Kyrgyzstan

TEENS.KG an online resource for adolescents and youngsters has been introduced in Kyrgyzstan in the beginning of November. Brought together by UNAIDS and UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education (IITE), this new portal joins TEENSLIVE – the international family of online resources for adolescents in Russia, Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova. Kyrgyz popular NAMBA media portal took the responsibility for supporting and developing the new site. NAMBA plans to launch the Kyrgyz language version of TEENS.KG in the nearest future.

To mark the TEENS.KG launch, a special event was organized in the heart of Kyrgyzstan capital Bishkek followed by a presentation of an authentic “Teens Wall” art object. It is about adolescents’ perception of themselves and the world around. An architect Arthur Ibrahimov in cooperation with art-studio OYOUM Group has created a labyrinth-shaped metal construction. A famous local showman Erkin Rysculbecov, IITE Teens Projects Coordinator Alexandra Ilieva, head of OYOUM Group Cholpon Tentieva and Arthur Ibrahimov himself, hosted the presentation. The event was supported and shared by local youth opinion leaders, bloggers, popular singers, actors and dancers. Art installation has attracted much attention and interest. Young artists of Kyrgyzstan have been reached out to further develop this project to make sure it becomes one of the key Bishkek  landmarks.

Alexandra Ilieva, IITE Teens Projects Coordinator says:

“We do heartily welcome the broadening of our project’s geography. It is critical not only to inform adolescents on the most vital issues of health protection, love and relationships, but also to create opportunities for live discussions. Our event in Bishkek is a good example of such”.

Tigran Yepoyan, UNESCO regional advisor on HIV and health education says:

“We in UNESCO do believe that the key for protection of adolescents from HIV, other diseases, substance use, as well as for helping them to develop healthy relations free from violence and bullying lays in the field of open and balanced dialogue. We actively support awareness raising among young people about health and relationships in different countries and encourage them to share their experiences and learn from experts. We support TEENSLIVE  project in a number of Eastern Eurepean and Central Asian countries and are truly inspired by its launch in Kyrgyzstan”.