School-related violence and bullying prevention enters into the curriculum of teacher training institutes in the Russian Federation

On October 31-November 3 the city of Barnaul, Altai region of the Russian Federation is hosting a seminar on school-related violence and bulling prevention for instructors of teacher in-service training institutes.

The seminar is organized by the Altai Krai Institute for teacher in-service (postgraduate) training (AKIPKRO) together with UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education.

A four-day event brings together 32 representatives of 5 Russian regions – Altai Krai and Republic of Altai, Novosibirsk and Kemerovo regions and Republic of Hakasia to share approaches to school-related violence and bulling prevention and effective responses to conflicts in schools. The seminar aims at preparing regional teacher training institutes for launching a new training program for school teachers on violence and bulling prevention.

Maxim Kostenko, the Head of AKIPKRO says:

«Our Institute together with UNESCO IITE has established a Resource center on safe and healthy educational environment.  We have prepared a training program for teachers’ in-service preparation on violence prevention in schools and produced a manual for them with practical recommendations on preventing, detecting, registering, reporting cases of violence and providing counseling and support to victims, perpetrators and witnesses. This manual and a set of audio, video and reading  materials will help the seminar participants to introduce the new training program in their respective regions».

Tigran Yepoyan, UNESCO regional advisor on HIV and health education says:

«Every tenth student in the world faces violence in school. This problem is global and has no geographical or national boundaries. However, schools can and shall address it. They need trained and motivated teachers, headmasters, support from educational authorities and students’ parents. UNESCO has researched and documented the best practice in addressing violence and bullying in schools across the globe and made it available to educators in Russia and other CIS countries. We do hope that the new teacher training programme and the teacher’s manual developed by AKIPKRO will help many educators in Russia to better respond to violence and discrimination in schools. We highly appreciate the commitment of teacher training institutes from Altay Krai, Republic of Altay, Republic of Hakasia, Novosibirsk and Kemerovo regions for piloting this new teacher training programme».

This important project was initiated by UNESCO IITE and AKIPKRO as a follow-up to International Symposium on School Violence and Bullying organized in Seoul (Republic of Korea) in January 2017 by UNESCO and the Institute of School Violence Prevention at Ewha Womans University, with the financial support of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Korea.

The workshop featured at the official website of Altay Kray, Altay teacher advanced training institute and local TV channel Katun 24.

The seminar programme and the teacher manual are available in Russian