Straight talk about parent-child relationships and HIV prevention: live webcast

On November 29, the second episode of the parent education programme “Mamma mia!” was released on the platform of PSYCHOLOGIES magazine in the social network ODNOKLASSNIKI. A moderator and host of the series Lika Dlugach welcomed six outstanding guests – experts, psychologists and famous parents – to talk about mutual understanding between generations and some issues that might occur in parent-adolescent relationships. Among the guests were: Timur Mursaliev, adolescent psychologist; Tatyana Lazareva, TV/Radio host and mother of 3 children; Evgeniya Prohoda, social activist and mother of 2 children; Vinay P. Saldanha, UNAIDS Regional Director for Eastern Europe and Central Asia; and Tigran Yepoyan, UNESCO Regional HIV & Health Education Advisor. In the course of the livestream talk show, the guests discussed an important question – how families can overcome challenges they face and what should they do if this challenge is HIV? The guests stressed the importance of a sincere dialogue with teenagers about the infection, possible risks and consequences.

Vera Brezhneva, UNAIDS Goodwill Ambassador for EECA countries, joined the discussion via Skype and shared some tips on how to start a conversation about HIV with adolescents, drawing on her personal experience not only as an ambassador but also as a mom of a teenage daughter. In addition, she explained why discrimination against people with HIV-positive status is unacceptable and how parents can support their children living with HIV. «I wish parents were informed and well-prepared so that they know the right way to help their children living with HIV». Vera also presented a video lesson on HIV prevention, created jointly by UNAIDS and UNESCO IITE as an educational tool for teachers, parents and everyone who cares about health and welfare of the younger generation.

During the talk show, experts and psychologists also addressed the problem of disclosure of HIV status between parents and children. One of the guests – Evgeniya Prohoda – shared her own story of living with HIV and talking about HIV prevention and treatment with her children.

To support women living with HIV, the PSYCHOLOGIES magazine prepared a thematic interview for its December issue.  Its main character, Elena, speaks openly about her HIV: she is married to an HIV-negative man, they have two healthy children, and she is not afraid about her future, health and family well-being.