UNESCO IITE launches a new parent education programme Mama Mia! on November 22, 2016

Every Tuesday, starting on November 22 and during the next four weeks, leading experts in developmental psychology and pedagogy – Lyudmila Petranovskaya*, Katerina Murashova, Dima Zitser and Timur Mursaliev – will come to ODNOKLASSINKI studio to answer the most burning questions of parents of adolescents and discuss how communication and relationships between parents and their growing children can be improved.

Famous parents of teenagers – Tutta Larsen, Tatiana Lazareva*, Aleksey Kortnev and others –will join experts to share their experience and ‘secrets’ in overcoming relationship difficulties and supporting their children with their transition to adulthood.

These meetings with the experts and parents will be life streamed in the community of PSYCHOLOGIES magazine https://ok.ru/psychologiesrussia. Viewers will have an opportunity to ask questions and leave comments.

*acting as foreign agents in the Russian Federation

22 November, Tuesday, 17.00-18.00

First meeting. Not a child anymore, not an adult yet. All about adolescent development, body and mind changes, sexuality and reproductive health.

Expert: Katerina Murashova, a developmental and family psychologist

Special guest: Ksenia Kisileva, the chief editor, PSYCHOLOGIES magazine, a mother of two sons


29 November, Tuesday, 16.00-18.00

Second meeting. Parents and children. All about maintaining and improving communication between parents and teenagers and finding solutions for difficult situations.

Expert: Timur Mursaliev, a developmental psychologist

Special guests: Tatiana Lazareva*, a TV and radio presenter, SOZIDANIE Fund trustee, mother of three children;  Aleksey Kortnev, a musician, actor, TV presenter, father of five children

*acting as a foreign agent in the Russian Federation

6 December, Tuesday, 17.00-18.00

Third meeting. Violence and bullying. How to know that a child is a victim of bullying at school? When and how should adults intervene? How to help children develop healthy relationships?

Expert: Dima Zitser, a pedagogue

Special guest: Tutta Larsen, a TV and radio presenter, founder of TUTTA.TV channel for parents


13 December, Tuesday, 17.00-18.00

Fourth meeting. An age of exploration and experimentation. All about helping teenagers avoid risky behaviour.

Expert: Lyudmila Petranovskaya*, a family psychologist, director of educational programmes at Children family placement development institute.

*acting as a foreign agent in the Russian Federation

On the eve of Mother’s Day (November 27) UNESCO IITE, PSYCHOLOGIES magazine and ODNOKLASSNIKI social media will present an online test for parents Mama Mia! How well do I understand adolescents? Any OK.RU visitor or user will be able to check how well she or he understands adolescents and identify strong and weak aspects in their relationships with growing children. Leading psychologists and pedagogues Irina Mlodik, Tatiana Bednik, Anna Skavitina, Dima Zitser and Timur Mursaliev provide tips how to act in difficult situations.