UNESCO IITE in the special programme «HIV, children, adolescents and youth» at the VI International conference on HIV/AIDS in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

April 18, 2018, Moscow. The VI International conference on HIV/AIDS in Eastern Europe and Central Asian will bring together over three thousand representatives of public health, medicine, science, education sectors and civil society to discuss during three days the best strategies and promising solutions to end AIDS in the region.

Chris Castle, UNESCO Global Coordinator for UNAIDS, Chief of section for health and education, will take part in a discussion at the Open space «30 years of HIV infection in the Eastern Europe and Central Asia: what is needed to stop the epidemic by 2030?». The session will be held on April 18 at 14.30-15.30  and broadcast at  https://ok.ru/test community.

On April 19, a series of sessions organized jointly by UNESCO IITE, UNAIDS and UNFPA will feature children, adolescents and youth in the context of HIV epidemic. A session on HIV prevention (13.00-14.30 at the Open space) will provide a platform to discuss the role of education sector in HIV response and opportunities to use educational programmes outside of schools. The new revised version of the International Technical Guidance on Sexuality Education (developed by UNESCO in cooperation with UNAIDS, UNFPA, UNICEF, WHO and UN-Women) will be presented at the session.

The role of young people in ending AIDS by 2030 will be the theme of youth debates organized at the Open space at 14.30-15.30. The session will be broadcast at https://ok.ru/test.

Integrated HIV prevention and health education programmes involving teacher preparation, young people awareness raising and parent sensitization will be presented at the next session on HIV prevention (15.30-17.00, Open space) together with HIV prevention programmes run by the church, student organizations and with use of modern technologies.

On April 20 (13.00-14.00, Congress-hall №1) a session co-chaired by  Tao Zhan, Director of UNESCO IITE, will focus on the use of modern communication technologies for youth and larger public awareness raising to prevent new HIV cases and discrimination against people living with HIV.

The next session «Prevention for all: new technologies and approaches» (15.30-17.00, Congress-hall №1) will give floor to UNESCO IITE and Belarus Association of UNESCO Clubs to present innovative technology-enhanced approaches for HIV prevention including by  means of edutainment videos that scored over 9 million views.

More information about the conference is available at  http://www.eecaac2018.org/