Membership for the Digital Sex-Ed Creators Hub is now open

Digital sex-ed creators hub

Digital Sex-Ed Creators Hub

With the support from UNESCO Health Education Programme, RNW Media is setting up an online community of practice for digital content creators developing and sharing information about sexual and reproductive health, well-being, relationships, and much more. The membership for the Digital Sex-Ed Creators Hub is now open. Those interested are invited to fill out the form and participate in the first meeting of the Hub, to take place on July 25, 2022 at 15.00 (GMT+3).

Global Online Survey

In April-May 2022, RNW Media and UNESCO IITE conducted a global online survey with digital content creators who develop and share information online about sex, sexuality, pleasure, reproductive health, puberty, love and relationships. 200+ digital content creators from around the world participated in the survey, while sharing the challenges they face in their everyday work, but also some potential solutions that can help them in their efforts to engage with young people on diverse topics pertaining to comprehensive sexuality education and sexual and reproductive health and rights. Nearly 70 percent of respondents shared that connecting with their peers and fellow content creators could help address many of the challenges they face. At the same time, nearly 90 percent of survey respondents also supported the idea of having a collective space, such as the creators’ hub, to build a support system and solidarity among digital content creators globally.

So, what is Digital Sex-Ed Creators Hub?

The creators’ hub is geared towards enabling and empowering digital content creators – working to develop and share information about bodies, sex and pleasure, sexual and reproductive health and rights, relationships, and much more – to connect, share, learn, collaborate, and co-create a welcoming, inclusive, and joyful space.

The Digital Sex-Ed Creators Hub is an online community space that aims to empower digital content creators, by providing them with numerous opportunities, including:

  • Digital upskilling workshops and sessions
  • Learning and sharing sessions with experts and peers about diverse topics related to sexuality education
  • Access to potential funding opportunities for implementing innovative ideas
  • Learning and doing collective advocacy
  • Spotlighting hub members work in different online and offline forums at regional and global level
  • Having fun and enjoying the collective space and time together

Becoming a hub member is easy! 

Those interested are invited to complete the registration form here. The form outlines the membership criteria that apply to become a hub member. Registration is free, on a rolling basis, and capped to two members per organization (global or regional organizations can nominate two persons per country office for hub membership). No registration limitations are applied to digital content creators who work independently.

All hub communication and sessions will primarily take place in English; hence some basic functional knowledge of English language would be necessary.

What happens after registration? 

On July 25, 2022 RNW Media and UNESCO will be hosting the first hub session. The session will be held online to welcome all registered members, share more information about the hub, and set the pace for what’s upcoming for the hub this year.

More details about the agenda and logistics for the session will be shared with all members upon the registration.

See more information on the Hub on the RNW website.

Questions or inquiries should be directed to: