Digital Citizenship Education Webinar to be held on 8 December 2022

UNESCO IITE and Shanghai Open University (SOU) joined efforts to promote digital citizenship education and arranged the webinar within the project on “Promoting ICT Capacity Building and Open Education in the Era of Artificial Intelligence and Digital Technologies”. This webinar for educators from all sectors (public and private, schools, universities, other educational organizations, and policymakers) is an introduction to why and how to support the development of teacher capacities in promoting digital citizenship education.

Expected Webinar Outcomes

  • Raise awareness of the need for digital citizenship education among the stakeholders, nominated focal points, and collaboration partners;
  • Highlight the nine attributes and skills essential for all students to learn to be good contributing global citizens;
  • Outline why teaching students responsible use of technology rests on the shoulders of the entire school community;
  • Share how schools can teach students to acquire digital citizenship skills and knowledge

Access to the webinar

Date and time of the webinar: 8 December 2022 at 9:00 (GMT+3)

The link to join the webinar:

Meeting ID: 896 9924 5517

Passcode: 326684

Language of the webinar is English.

Agenda of Digital Citizenship Education Webinar