On-line Forum on Policy of ICT use in Education

Information technologies have been seen for over half a century as essential tools for improving education. The new vision of education highlights the need for an effective learning policy and has shifted the emphasis of various elements involved in the education process. ICTs provide are an important supplement to the curriculum content and they have added a valuable set of new resources and didactical tools suitable to support the learning process to the educational system.

The forum is intended to establish an exchange of experts opinion on ICT use in education, specific distinctive national practices, knowledge, educational methods, normative laws and educational programmes, and plans and lines of action of each CIS country’s educational policy. Within the forum four thematic sections will be opened in order  to summarize all the recommendations discussed on-line, to plan follow-up activities and publish final on-line forum recommendations on ICTs usage in education policy formulation and assessment.

The beneficiaries of the project will be all categories of educators, policy makers and designers from the CIS countries involved in the elaboration, implementation, improvement, evaluation and monitoring of national policies on ICTs use in education.

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