Policy dialogue

The goal of the IITE-2012 International Conference is to provide a floor for deliberations on strategies, policies and best practices of ICT application in education, as well as on development and implementation of innovative teaching and learning methodologies for achieving EFA goals in the Member States.

The conference will become the platform for constructive dialogue on recent trends and innovative approaches in efficient use of ICT in education among policy-makers, academic community, representatives of the private sector and potential donors.
In accordance with the IITE Governing Board recommendations, IITE-2012 will focus on policy dialogue with regard to ICT use in education. In the framework of the conference, the concept of “new pedagogy” will be discussed, that envisages technologies as a significant tool and accelerator of the process aimed at updating and enriching knowledge and skills of those who take part in the educational process.

In addition, UNESCO’s vision and recommendations with regard to inclusive education will be outreached and gender equality issues will be addressed. The participants will debate on the potential of ICT and analyze the existing experience in information resources and technologies application to ensure accessible education for all, including disabled people, as well as women and girls.

Main objectives of the Conference are as follows:

  • To overview governmental policies on ICT integration in education at local and international levels;
  • To discuss and analyze best practices of the implementation of strategies, programmes and methods of ICT use in education;
  • To exchange opinions on the impact of ICT on education, including ICT-enhanced teaching and learning, as well as teacher professional development with the help of information resources and technologies;
  • To study major trends in open, distance and online learning on a regional scale and worldwide;
  • To discover the opportunities and implications provided by Open Educational Resources (OER);
  • To identify the potential and examine the existing practices in ICT application in inclusive education and gender equality issues.

Target Audience

Policy-makers from the Ministries of Education, representatives of universities, practitioners from academic institutions and teacher training centres, as well as experts, educators and innovators in the field of ICT in education, coordinators of UNESCO networks, representatives of NGOs, IGOs, and private IT companies are invited to take part in the Conference.