OER Policy Briefs

The IITE policy brief “Global trends in the development and use of open educational resources to reform educational practices” published by IITE in November 2010 provides recommendations on the use of OER in educational settings.

The policy brief “Open educational resources and intellectual property rights” addressed the issues related to sharing and intellectual property rights with respect to open educational resources.

The Institute has contributed to the development of the UNESCO/COL Guidelines for Open Educational Resources (OER) in Higher Education. Currently IITE experts are developing Guidelines for the promotion of open educational content in CIS.

In June 2012, the Commonwealth of Learning (COL) and UNESCO published the monograph “Open Educational Resources and Change in Higher Education: Reflections from Practice”. The monograph includes the chapter “Introducing the Opportunities and Challenges of OER: The Case of the Commonwealth of Independent States and the Baltic” authored by Dendev Badarch and Svetlana Knyazeva (UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education) and Andy Lane (the Open University UK).

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