Open Educational Resources at International IITE Conferences

Special sessions on OER were organized at international conferences IITE-2010 “ICT in Teacher Education: Policy Development, OER and Partnership” held in St. Petersburg in November 2010, IITE-2011 “Teacher Competencies in Knowledge Society: Policy, Pedagogy, Social Skills” held in Baku in December 2011 and IITE-2012 “ICT in Education: Pedagogy, Educational Resources and Quality Assurance” held in Moscow in November 2012.

National experts from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Canada, France, Iran, Japan, Kazakhstan, Korea, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mongolia, Russia, Turkey, the UK and Ukraine, representatives of Open CourseWare Consortium and other international organizations considered the findings of the IITE OER project and shared experience in the use of OER in CIS and other non-English speaking countries.

Conference participants discussed where and how policies and practices in education need to change in order to harness the potential of OER. The sessions were also intended to raise awareness about UNESCO and UNESCO IITE OER initiatives, tools and products, to introduce the open licensing frameworks, to discuss ways of harmonizing national IPR regulations with Creative Commons licenses. Final documents of the Conferences defined and prioritized strategies for next steps in promotion of OER and provided guidelines and recommendations to encourage OER sharing and use.

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