IITE Open Educational Resources Gateway

The IITE “OER in CIS gateway” aims at facilitating and widening access to open educational resources produced in the Commonwealth of Independent States. The gateway enables easy search of educational content designed mainly for primary and secondary school teachers and pupils, students of technical and vocational schools and universities, teaching staff and academics. It will also be of help for a broad range of users: parents, private tutors, correspondence students, researchers in pedagogical science, and lifelong self-learners.

The gateway provides links to OER in national languages of seven CIS countries: Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan. The collection of links will be supplemented with the other CIS countries OER in the nearest future. It is planned to expand the scope of the project beyond the CIS – to other non-English-speaking countries.

The catalogue comprises several hundreds of links to OER. They forward users to the websites of educational and informational centres, higher education institutions or teacher-community networks. Educational content of these websites includes learning, training and teaching materials (lectures, courses, case studies, presentations, syllabi, curricula); interactive multimedia modules; electronic libraries and collections. The OER are available in downloadable text and graphics formats, as well as multimedia.

The gateway provides user-friendly search options. There are three ways to retrieve a resource:

  • Strict setting of parameters (for search by subject, language, user level and user profile);
  • Simplified setting of parameters (for rapid transition to any category as well as for viewing all the available parameters);
  • Flexible setting of parameters (for selection of one or several parameters in any sequence).

The button “All resources” presents the links in alphabetic order according to the name of the portal/website that hosts the resources. To resume the search, click the button “New search”.

The IITE “OER in CIS gateway” is at the initial stage of its implementation. We welcome partners to expand the catalogue of links to OER in CIS to make it a profound and comprehensive portal. We welcome everyone concerned to contribute to accumulation, development and dissemination of open educational resources.

Please contact Svetlana Knyazeva (s.knyazeva@unesco.org) and
Yulia Melnikova (y.melnikova@unesco.org). 

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Kazakh Humanitarian and Law Innovative University
History of China Higher education | Student | Kazakh | Kazakhstan
Tambov State Technical University
Psychology Higher education | Teacher | Russian | Russia
ICT Laboratory of physico-mathematical gymnasium № 17 in Vinnitsa, Ukraine
Physics Secondary education | Pupil | Ukranian | Ukraine
Southern Federal University
Geology Higher education | Student | Russian | Russia
Armenian Educational Portal
English language Secondary education | Pupil | Armenian | Armenia

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