OER and Digital Pedagogy

Knowledge Services Team is responsible for IITE information and knowledge resources and deals with Open Educational Resources (OER) project, IITE website and portal, library, knowledge base and publications.

IITE OER project (2010-2011) is aimed at exploring, identifying and capacity-building in the use of OER in the CIS countries, where common educational traditions are shared and where Russian language is widely spoken, which enables the promotion of Russian-language OER along with OER in native languages of the countries. Analytical activities within the project envisage:

  • A survey of the OER state-of-the-art in the CIS countries;
  • Desk review with a particular focus on OER initiatives undertaken in non-English-speaking countries;
  • A policy brief based on the analysis of major achievements, challenges, obstacles, growth points and the most promising trends in OER development worldwide;
  • Expert meeting and roundtable discussions: presentation of the results of the analytical study and development of recommendations for the portal;
  • Development of recommendations for OER in other developing countries.

Capacity-building and networking activities within the project will include:

  • Raising awareness on OER in CIS countries;
  • Increasing literacy in copyright and open content licensing issues;
  • Networking at regional and sub-regional level;
  • Training of trainers for OER producers.

An OER portal will be integrated into the Institute’s portal. It will have a multilingual interface: Russian, English and national languages of the CIS countries. The OER portal will offer Russian-language OER, a guidance on English-language OER and opportunities for feeding OER in national CIS languages.

The Institute’s portal, which is available in Russian and English, is composed of thematic websites and is a gateway to information and knowledge on ICTs policy in education, worldwide trends in application of ICTs and Learning Management System. The Institute’s website contains regularly updated information about IITE news, events and activities in both Russian and English. It also presents the diverse IITE activities through a range of thematic sub-sites arranged under the headings: Policy Research, Capacity Development and Knowledge Services. Other resources and services include publications, newsletter and interactive tools such as LMS.

The Library offers a comprehensive collection of IITE publications, as well UNESCO and non-UNESCO publications related to ICTs in education. There are documents published during the last decade by UNESCO Headquarters, field offices, Institutes and Centres specialized in education as well as selected titles from other international organizations. The IITE knowledge base compiled by Knowledge Services Team contains electronic documents on the subjects relevant to the Institute’s fields of activities.

Publications Services Team offers a full spectrum of publication services from planning to creation, including editing, layout and design to diffusion and stock management of IITE publications (strategic documents, surveys, proceedings, reports and advertising materials). All publications are produced according to UNESCO Publications Guidelines.

Knowledge Services Team also arranges exhibitions of publications at major IITE events and conferences.