In line with the recommendations of special session of UNESCO Chairs working in the field of ICTs in education and the Resolution of the 2010 IITE Conference, the UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education (UNESCO IITE) in close cooperation with UNESCO Moscow Office and the Saint-Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation (SUAI) (St.-Petersburg, Russian Federation) organized an International Conference of the UNESCO IITE and UNITWIN/UNESCO Chairs “UNESCO Chairs Partnership on ICTs use in Education: Innovations and Best Practices”.

The Conference took place from May 30 to June 03, 2011 in Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation within the XII International Forum «Modern information society formation - problems, perspectives, innovation approaches».

The experts from the European, Asia and Pacific, CIS and Baltic countries, represented UNITWIN/UNESCO Chairs working in the use of ICTs in education and teaching, universities and other educational institutions participated in the Conference.

The main goal of the Conference was

The other objectives of the Conference were

  • to fix up a dialogue forum on the innovation and higher education policy and reform;
  • to assess and analyze the trends and issues as well as to identify the good practices, successful innovative initiatives and projects contributing to developing and strengthening sustainable, inclusive and diversified systems and institutions for and with the innovations;
  • to motivate the UNESCO Chairs working in the field of ICTs, pedagogy and/or ICTs use in education to contribute more effectively to research, collection and dissemination of good practices.

The Conference consisted of a plenary session “UNESCO Chairs role in fostering ICTs use for developing effective education systems and furthering lifelong learning” and two thematic sections: ICTs and Quality of Education; ICTs in Education for Sustainable Development.

Two round tables were organized where the Memorandum of Understanding on establishing of a network of the UNESCO Chairs working in the field of ICTs in education and pedagogy was signed, as well as the mechanisms of interaction of this network with UNESCO Associated schools and IT-partners were defined. Besides, the participants discussed the project and the work plan for implementation of the International Master Degree programme "ICTs and Teachers professional development”.

The Conference reports’ theses were published.

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